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The conference organised on the 20th and 21st of June in Warsaw, by the Educational Research Institute, will provide an opportunity to discuss the sectoral approach to qualifications. The conference is addressed to all interested in joining the development of sectoral qualifications: employers, industry organizations, trade unions, members of the Sector Competence Boards, representatives of central administration and local government, training companies and other institutions and units.

More information: http://www.kwalifikacje.edu.pl/en/news/1354-international-conference-on-sectoral-approach-to-qualifications

A consortium of the Educational Research Institute (Instytut Badań Edukacyjnych) and the „Your New Opportunities” Association (Stowarzyszenie „Twoje Nowe Możliwości”) completed a research project co-funded by the State Fund for the Rehabilitation of Disabled People (PFRON). The main purpose of the project was to assess the effectiveness of PFRON’s activating activities and to perform an in-depth diagnosis of the social and professional situation of higher education graduates.

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Autumn is full of meetings, conferences and seminars on vocational education and training.
The Centre for Education Development is holding a series of 12 sectoral seminars during which representatives of ministries, Centre experts, the Educational Research Institute and the Central Examination Board will join in a discussion with industry representatives about the directions in which a given sector and its occupations are developing. The meetings are being implemented as part of the Partnership for Vocational Training project, aimed at adapting vocational education and training to the needs of the labour market. These activities are carried out in cooperation with employers and other social partners.
During the project, representatives of employers, industry associations and employers' organisations are developing curriculum for vocational training, diploma supplements, professional development pathways, and other program documents.

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