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NETINVET is a European network of training centres and companies. NETINVET currently includes 72 vocational education and training (VET) centres from 8 EU Member States. The network promotes work-based learning and the mobility of apprentices. The network currently operates in the wholesale, transportation and logistics sectors.
Through the Educational Research Institute, NETINVET representatives have begun networking with Polish VET institutions. The first meeting was held in November 2016, where the network’s activities and advantages of membership in NETINVET were presented. The second meeting in February 2017 provided more information to Polish VET schools on the practical aspects of membership in the network. Representatives of the NETINVET project, Polish VET schools and Polish educational institutions (the Centre for Educational Development and the Educational Research Institute) participated in the meeting. Participants discussed organisational details and financial aspects of membership in NETINVET as well as the benefits and responsibilities of each member. Participants stressed that the best results are achieved when partners trust each other and have a common understanding of the purpose of the mobility projects and the learning outcomes to be achieved by learners. NETINVET representatives presented internet tools for finding partners within the network across Europe.
The annual forum of the NETINVET project will be held on March 30-31, 2017 in Poznań. During the forum, not only will the organisational aspects of cooperation be discussed, but VET schools will also have the opportunity to network and discuss joint mobility projects.
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The results of a survey of the opinions of Europeans on vocational education and training were presented at an experts’ workshop on February 23-24,2017 in Thessaloniki. European experts, including ReferNet representatives, discussed and analysed the results.

Cedefops’s survey, launched in 2016, was conducted among 35 000 EU Member State citizens aged 15 or older. Most Europeans (71%) know what VET is and two in three (68%) have a positive opinion about it, while almost nine in 10 (87%) VET graduates are satisfied with the work-related skills they attained. Finding a job is the primary reason Europeans choose a VET path.

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A conference summarising the results and achievements of the EU-funded Twinning Light Project “Support to the modernization of the system for post-secondary education” was conducted on Friday, February 24, 2017.

The project is being implemented as a bilateral cooperation between the Ministry of Education and Science and the Educational Research Institute from Poland, in cooperation with foreign experts.

The opening speeches within the conference were delivered by Mr Mauro di Veroli representing Delegation of European Union, Mr Pishtar Lutfiu, Minister of Education and Science and H. E. Mr Jacek Multanowski, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland. H. E. Ambassador stated that the Polish-Macedonian cooperation in the area of education and qualifications indeed developed in the course of past year during the implementation of the two twinning projects related to the national qualifications framework and post-secondary education development.

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