The Ministry of National Education announced another edition of the competition aimed at developing a model of cooperation between higher education institutions and schools providing vocational education.

The call will be open for proposals starting from February 29, 2020 and will last until the limit of funds allocated to the competition is reached or the competition is suspended/closed.

The competition covers the development and dissemination of exemplary practices of cooperation between vocational school and higher education institutions, including:

  • an exemplary teaching programme for a given occupation, which takes into account the cooperation of the vocational school with the higher education institution in its implementation;
  • proposals for organising classes by lecturers from higher education institutions, which makes use of the didactic base of the vocational school or higher education institution;
  • proposals of activities familiarizing students and VET teachers with the new techniques/technologies used in a given sector/occupation;
  • exemplary forms of the professional development of VET teachers.

The projects are to be implemented in partnerships of two types of institutions: the entity operating the VET school and the higher education institution. The competition is open to both public and private higher education institutions as well as entities operating both public and non-public VET schools.

Not more than 22 projects will be selected as part of the competition, one for each of the 22 defined sectors. The competition is co-financed by the European Social Fund.

More information is available from the portal of the Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development.