Written by Marcin Broniszewski

Key VET policy documents of the European Union:


Opinion on the future of vocational education and training after 2020

An opinion developed by the Advisory Committee on Vocational Training (December 2018) that includes a vision on how to adapt vocational education and training systems to future social and economic challenges after 2020.


Riga Conclusions

The Riga Conclusions (June 2015) agreed by the Member States, European Commission and social partners, contain five medium-term deliverables in the field of vocational education and training for the period of 2015-2020.

Rethinking Education: Investing in skills for better socio-economic outcomes

Rethinking Education is a Communication from the Commission (November 2012) presenting the challenges and the priorities for national and EU policies in the field of education, where great importance is attributed to Vocational Education and Training. 


The Bruges Communiqué

The Bruges Communiqué (December 2010) is a package of objectives and actions to increase the quality of vocational training in Europe by making it more accessible and relevant to the needs of the labour market.


The Bordeaux Communiqué

The Bordeaux Communique (November 2008) takes stock of the progress achieved, defines priorities for 2008-2010 and introduces the new objective of strengthening the links between VET and the labour market. This ties in with the "New skills for new jobs" initiative on anticipating and matching labour market and skills needs.


The Helsinki Communiqué

The Helsinki Communique (December 2006) reviews the priorities and strategies of the Copenhagen Process on Enhanced European Cooperation in Vocational Education and Training and sets further specific priorities.


The Maastricht Communiqué

The Maastricht Communique (December 2004) expands upon the Copenhagen declaration and includes national level priorities.


The Copenhagen Declaration

The priorities and principles for the Process on Enhanced European Cooperation in Vocational Education and Training were first set out in the Copenhagen Declaration (November 2002). This European strategy aims to improve the overall performance, quality and attractiveness of VET in Europe.


More information is available on the Cedefop website.