The annual ReferNet plenary meeting took place at the beginning of February with participants from the institutions involved in the work of the network from all the EU Member States, Iceland and Norway.

The meeting informed network Partners about the ReferNet work plan for 2020 and the particular tasks planned for this year. Discussions were held, among others, on the activities relating to VET policy reporting, the European Skills Index and the new Cedefop initiative “The Future of VET in Europe”. The work of the network in 2019 was also evaluated. Furthermore, participants had an opportunity to learn more about the latest plans and developments in VET undertaken at the EU level by the European Commission and Cedefop. Much attention was dedicated to integrating new network members and familiarizing them with ReferNet’s work. All partners shared their knowledge about the new developments and challenges in VET.

The programme of the event and photo gallery are available on the Cedefop website.