Focussed on how different factors (e.g. age or level of education) influence views on adult learning and CVET, this report is the second volume of the opinion survey on adult learning and continuing vocational education and training (CVET) conducted by Cedefop.

The survey results show that adults generally appreciate the importance and benefits of learning and CVET. These opinions are shared by a majority of respondents both at the national and European levels, irrespective of such characteristics as age, employment or being high- or low-skilled.

The authors indicate a combination of factors associated with the personal characteristics of the respondents and their labour market situation (employed, unemployed, inactive) or their present employment situation (e.g. new job, new tasks, promotion), which influence adults’ decisions to participate in learning. Therefore, VET and CVET policy should focus on individualising the learning process in order to respond to the diverse needs of potential learners.

The report is available at Cedefop’s webpage.