Autumn is full of meetings, conferences and seminars on vocational education and training.
The Centre for Education Development is holding a series of 12 sectoral seminars during which representatives of ministries, Centre experts, the Educational Research Institute and the Central Examination Board will join in a discussion with industry representatives about the directions in which a given sector and its occupations are developing. The meetings are being implemented as part of the Partnership for Vocational Training project, aimed at adapting vocational education and training to the needs of the labour market. These activities are carried out in cooperation with employers and other social partners.
During the project, representatives of employers, industry associations and employers' organisations are developing curriculum for vocational training, diploma supplements, professional development pathways, and other program documents.

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The Educational Research Institute invites you to participate in regional conferences being held in the capital cities of the voivodeships. During the conferences, IBE experts and invited guests will present the following issues:
• What is the Integrated Qualifications System and how is it implemented in Poland?
• Which challenges of the Polish labour market does the Integrated Qualification System address?
• What are the benefits of lifelong learning and the attainment of new qualifications?
• How can managing qualifications affect regional development?
In addition, representatives of institutions working with IBE will present their experiences of engaging in activities relating to the IQS.
The conferences are being organised for employers, industry organisations, representatives of central and local governments, staffs of labour offices, training companies, teachers and school principals, crafts trades representatives, vocational counsellors as well as institutions and individuals who may be interested in becoming involved in activities relating to the IQS .
The conferences are organized as part of the systemic project entitled "Support to central government administration, awarding bodies and quality assurance institutions in implementing stage I of the Integrated Qualifications System".
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IBE is also organising seminars, during which participants will learn about:
• the information from a qualification's description to take into account when designing the validation process for the learning outcomes required for a market qualification,
• the people who should be involved in implementing the various stages of validation,
• what to take into consideration when selecting the methods to be applied at each of these stages (including assessment methods),
• designing the validation scenario and the information it should include,
• the elements that constitute an internal quality assurance system for an awarded qualification,
• how an internal evaluation should be conducted by the awarding body and the aims of the external evaluation, which is the responsibility of the external quality assurance entity.


These seminars are addressed to entities that may be interested in: awarding market qualifications included in the IQS, validating the learning outcomes required for a qualification, or performing the external quality assurance of a qualification. This includes, among others, representatives (managerial staff, teachers, trainers, assessors, examiners, vocational or educational advisers) of:
• schools, higher education institutions, training companies,
• advisory/consulting companies (especially those operating in the area of human resources management),
• chambers of crafts and crafts guilds,
• centres of practical training, continuing education centres,
• vocational training institutions,
• labour market institutions (labour offices, employment agencies, career offices, etc.),
• non-governmental organisations affiliating the representatives of various industries/sectors (associations, foundations, etc.)
as well as all other persons interested in obtaining information in this field (employers, including those representing HR departments, local government representatives, etc.).

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