By the resolution of the Council of Ministers of February 21, 2023, the "Digital Competences Development Programme" was established. It aims to raise the level of digital competences in the society, increase the supply of ICT specialists on the labor market, including women, develop digital education and improve the quality of managing the development of digital competences.

The programme will be implemented until the end of 2030. PLN 234 million has been allocated from the state budget for its implementation.

The programme assumes:

  • creating a stable and flexible system of education and training aimed at developing digital competences in society;
  • implementation of activities under 5 priorities for the development of digital competences:
    • development of digital education;
    • providing everyone with the opportunity to develop digital competences;
    • support for digital competences of working people;
    • development of advanced digital competences;
    • strengthening the management and coordination of activities in the field of digital competence development;
  • achieving the following results by 2030:
    •  80% of the inhabitants of Poland will have at least basic digital competences,
    •  40% of the inhabitants of Poland will have above-basic digital competences,
    •  6% of employees will be ICT specialists,
    •  29% of ICT specialists will be women,
    • a well-established and proven mechanism for coordinating and monitoring activities supporting the development of digital competences will operate at the government administration level.

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