The European Apprentices Network (EAN) is a network of apprentices at the European level, established in 2017 to make sure that the voice of young apprentices is heard in discussions relating to VET, in particular for apprenticeships.

The network is currently formed by individuals, selected through open calls. The diversity of profiles among members of the network allows it to have in-depth debate and to develop a comprehensive overview of the voice of apprentices. EAN is formed by current and former apprentices, representatives of student groups and representatives of youth labour unions.

The role of the Network:

  • To develop the views of young people on apprenticeships through exchanging experiences and best practices, discussing challenges, sharing information on important educational policies and research developments,
  • To function as an informal consultative body of the European Commission on apprenticeships, particularly for the European Alliance for Apprenticeships (EAfA), by providing input to EC proposals/ initiatives, events, EAfA meetings,
  • To facilitate contacts between youth organisations and other actors involved in apprenticeships, especially members of EAfA,
  • To develop specific proposals for a larger and more consolidated European Network of Apprentices.

EAN was established as the result of cooperation between the European Youth Forum, OBESSU, and with the support of DG Employment of the European Commission.

EAN has identified seven key priorities for the years to come and encourages all stakeholders, particularly policy makers at all levels, to shape apprenticeship programmes on the basis of these priorities. 

The seven key priorities of the EAN:

  • Quality education and quality assurance
  • Rights, responsibilities and protection
  • Legally binding agreements
  • Representation
  • Promoting apprenticeships
  • Anti-discrimination
  • Accessible information

More information is available at the EAN webpage: