We invite you to an international conference devoted to the analysis of practices and systemic solutions relating to the development and assessment of students' transversal key competences in vocational education systems in 6 European countries: Austria, France, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Slovakia.

The conference will be held in a virtual form on November 24, 2020 on the MS Teams platform from 9.00-11.30 (CES).

The conference is organized as part of the TRACK-VET project: Developing, assessing and validating transversal key competences in the formal initial and continuing VET carried out by the Warsaw School of Economics in cooperation with research institutions from other European countries under the European funds of the Erasmus + program.

The description of the conference program and agenda are available on the TRACK-VET project website TRACK-VET

Registration for the conference is possible until November 20, 2020 at: registration form.