The latest issue of the Quarterly (in Polish) focuses on Sectoral Qualifications Frameworks (SQF).

Sectoral Qualifications Frameworks further elaborate the Polish Qualifications Framework using the language of specific sectors and industries, and help to fill the competence gaps of given sectors. This particular Quarterly includes information on how SQFs function, including the experiences of other countries in this area. Articles also present the impact of SQFs on key sectors in Poland: construction, trade and the automotive sector. In addition, the Quarterly has information on the new qualifications recently included in the Integrated Qualifications System.

The IQS Quarterly is not only a place for conveying practical information about Poland’s qualifications system and lifelong learning, but also serves as a platform for public discussions aiming to integrate the IQS and IBE community of researchers, career counsellors, training and HR specialists, as well as teachers.