The analysis prepared by the Educational Research Institute in 2019 presents various types of changes in the field of vocational education, which are planned and are being undertaken in the context of the development of industry 4.0, as well digitialization, automation and the development of new technologies.

refernet vet future of work plThe analysis reviews strategic documents and changes at the level of education policy, the labour market, technology and digitization. The voices of important stakeholders in these areas are also presented. Moreover, it includes examples of specific activities aimed at better adapting VET to the challenges of industry 4.0, as well as examples of the use of solutions relating to automation. There is consensus in public discussions and at the strategic level in Poland that appropriate vocational training is crucial for the development of a modern industry 4.0. Examples of changes are also presented that can help learners to develop competences relevant to industry 4.0. 

According to the experts, the key challenges for the future are the adaptation of the school infrastructure and increasing the digital competences of teachers to the requirements of industry 4.0, which is related to the need for the greater involvement of enterprises  in vocational education.

The publication was prepared by the Educational Research Institute - the ReferNet network partner in Poland.

The publication is available on the Cedefop website.