The publication of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the European Training Foundation (ETF) discusses developing vocational guidance and training systems at national, regional and local levels and supporting career development systems for workers in the formal and informal economy.

 Working with strategic partners, public authorities can confront challenges related to key elements of the support system, such as service coordination, financing, quality of career development support, access to services, and the way technology is used.

The publication is based on a series of reviews of career guidance systems developed in 2001-2010 by OECD, ETF, Cedefop and the World Bank and ongoing monitoring by Cedefop's expert network, CareersNet, ETF information sheets on career guidance for 2020-2021. The geographical scope of the document is determined by the countries with which the ETF is authorized to cooperate, including the neighbouring countries of the European Union, Central Asia, and ILO member states.

Publication is avalible at ETF website.