Written by Kasia Pająk

On March 28, the announcement of the Minister of National Education on the forecast of the demand for employees in vocational education occupations was published. The forecast is designed to support shaping vocational education for both the national and regional labour markets.

The forecast is based on analyses conducted at the Educational Research Institute, which synthetically combine various data sources, both qualitative and quantitative, as well as those describing trends in the labour market in the context of national and regional development strategies.

The forecast consists of three parts. The first part includes the aims and scope of the forecast. The second part contains a list of twenty school-taught occupations of significance for national development, which will be especially needed in the domestic labour market. The third part is a forecast of occupations taught in vocational education, for which there will be a significant and moderate demand for employees on the regional level.

The forecast of labour market demand will affect the financing of vocational education. Local government units will receive an increased subsidy for students in special demand occupations indicated in the forecasts. An increase in the amount of co-financing for the educational costs of training juvenile employees in these occupations is also expected.

The full text of the announcement is available from the Journal of Laws website.