The report is the result of the work of the European Education Area Working Group on VET and the Green Transition.

The publication presents 57 examples of inspiring practices from 20 EU countries including Poland. The selected examples demonstrate green aspects at different levels of the vocational education and training system: from national strategies and action plans to local practices in the area of didactics and methodology.

The good practices in the report are grouped in nine thematic areas listed below:

  1.  Understanding and identifying skills for the green transition
  2.  Putting in place strategies and funding mechanisms
  3.  Creating greener VET programmes and qualifications
  4.  Greening VET at sectoral and regional levels
  5.  Adopting new ways of teaching and learning
  6.  Developing the skills of teaching and training staff
  7.  Activating VET learning venues
  8.  Focusing on green social goals
  9.  Implementing networks and platforms for collaboration

The compendium is available at the Publications Office of the European Union website.