Forecasts on the skills needs for individual European Union countries, including Poland, were published on the Cedefop website. The forecast is for the period of 2019-2030.

The 2020 update was developed before the coronavirus pandemic. The short-term economic impact of the lockdown in many countries is uncertain.

The latest study estimates that employment in Poland in the indicated period will change towards a much higher number of highly qualified employees. This is consistent with the growing worldwide demand for highly skilled workers. However, middle- and low-level workers may face more difficulties in hiring in the coming decade as the supply of employment for middle- and low-skilled workers is limited. The biggest difficulties may be faced by middle-level workers, as their work may be replaced by new technologies or automated.

The skills forecasts prepared by Cedefop analyse future trends in ​​employment by sector of economic activity and occupational group. The methodology of these studies allows cross-country comparisons to be made.

The full report is available from the Cedefop website.