The 18th ReferNet annual plenary meeting took place virtually on 2-3-4 December 2020.

It brought together national representatives for ReferNet, ReferNet partners, Cedefop experts involved in ReferNet activities, as well as representatives of the European Commission and the European Training Foundation.

The ReferNet Polska network was represented by experts from the Educational Research Institute: Michał Sitek, PhD, Jerzy Bielecki and Katarzyna Matuszczak. The meeting was also attended by the national representative of the ReferNet network in Poland, Łukasz Marcisz - representing the Ministry of National Education.

The meeting was aimed at:

  • informing ReferNet partners and national representatives of the latest EU VET policy developments, particularly the Osnabrück declaration and its impact on the network’s activities;
  • review the 2020 ReferNet deliverables and prepare the 2021 work plan;
  • organising a knowledge-sharing platform on VET topics originating from the Osnabrück declaration, to be piloted by ReferNet partners;
  • providing opportunities for informal meetings which will promote the network’s spirit of collaboration and partnership, help newcomers become acquainted with existing partners and Cedefop experts and familiarise themselves with the network’s operation.


Agenda - 18th ReferNet Plenary Meeting