Written by Kasia Pająk

CEDEFOP has presented a new tool - the European Skills Index (ESI), which aims to monitor and compare activities relating to the development of skills undertaken by individual EU countries.


European Skills Index - general ranking


Source: CEDEFOP (2018)

The index is based on selected indicators, such as PISA survey results or the European Union labour market survey. The basis of the ESI are three interconnected areas relating to skills: development, activation and matching.

Structure of the European Skills Index


Source: CEDEFOP (2018)

The ESI shows how far a country is from an ideal system of skills learning. The higher the score achieved, the closer a country is to the ideal system. It also allows a ranking to be made of countries depending on their Index results.

Based on 2016 data, Poland is in eighth place in the overall ranking. In the skills development area, Poland scored 52 points, in the activation category - 63 points, and in the matching category - 71 points.

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