CEDEFOP has published a briefing note presenting countries' progress in implementing their national qualifications frameworks.

The European qualifications framework (EQF) and the national qualifications framework (NQF) have for years contributed to improving the quality, transparency and comparability of qualifications across countries, helping to build bridges between their education and training systems.

Many national qualifications frameworks are already fully integrated and used in national education and training systems. At the same time, the NQFs have been constantly updated and have a visible impact on achieving synergies between European policies and tools such as guidance, validation and Europass.

The publication discusses issues such as: linking NQF levels with EQF, visibility of NQF and EQF levels, development of national databases on qualifications, assistance in validating non-formal and informal learning, increasing the visibility of VET at the higher education level, etc.

The publication is available on the Cedefop website.