The EQAVET (European Quality Assurance in Vocational Education and Training) Network met at the Educational Research Institute on April 14-15, 2016. This was another meeting in the cycle of Peer Learning Activities. The following topics were the main themes of the meeting:

  1. Quality assurance for defining qualifications and qualification standards based on the learning outcomes approach;
  2. Quality assurance for assessment and certification of learning outcomes.

The meeting was organised by the EQAVET Secretariat together with IBE and the National Centre for Supporting Vocational and Continuing Education – the EQAVET National Reference Point.

The meeting was attended by VET qualifications practitioners and representatives of EQAVET National Reference Points from 21 countries, as well as representatives of the European Commission, CEDEFOP and the EQAVET Secretariat.

The meeting took place as a series of workshops. Short presentations served as introductions to the sessions on the systemic and institutional solutions for awarding qualifications. Representatives from Poland prepared presentations on “The Polish approach to the quality assurance of qualifications based on the learning outcome approach” (Magdalena Dybaś, Wojciech Stęchły, Tomasz Saryusz-Wolski) and “Designing and delivering assessment of learning outcomes” (Krzysztof Świerk).

PLA participants were invited to the Prof. E. Pijanowski Associated Schools of Gastronomy on Poznańska Street in Warsaw, where they viewed classrooms and workshops and were served a delicious dinner by the pupils there.

Documents will soon be available on the EQAVET site summarising the meeting and presenting the most important conclusions and recommendations on the quality assurance of qualifications based on learning outcomes. We will inform you when they are posted.

Presentations and other materials on the Peer Learning Activity are at the EQAVET website.

*We are grateful to Magdalena Dybaś for preparing this information.