The newest Cedefop report presents methodologies for conducting in-depth analyses and comparisons of the profiles and the content of VET qualifications.

The publication describes the results of a study conducted between 2019 and 2021 in 10 EU countries covering two qualification profiles: healthcare assistants and ICT service technicians.

The purpose of the methodologies presented in the report is not to harmonise qualifications and their learning outcomes but rather to provide researchers and policymakers with knowledge helpful in the evaluation of the national priorities and solutions regarding VET qualifications. The authors of the report also indicate possible uses of the methodologies for comparing VET qualifications:

  • improving the content and structure of VET qualifications,
  • improving the relevance of VET qualifications,
  • supporting the levelling of VET qualifications in the EQF context,
  • supporting mobility in VET,
  • exploring opportunities for flexible learning pathways,
  • applying for a job in another country,
  • supporting the development of European vocational core profiles.

The repost is available at Cedefop’s webpage.