The Minister of Education and Science signed a regulation amending the regulation on the core curriculum of vocational education in sectoral vocational education and additional vocational skills in selected professions of sectoral vocational education.

The regulation introduces several new professions to the education system in the construction industry (fitter of fair and exhibition structures, technician for servicing the fair and exhibition industry, assembly and automation technician for construction joinery, industrial insulation technician) and water transport (ship electro-automation technician and yacht industry technician).

The regulation also changed the core curriculum for the following vocations: woodwork fitter, industrial insulation fitter, yacht and boat construction fitter, marine fishing technician, ship mechanic technician, marine navigator technician, inland water shipping technician.

Furthermore, the regulation introduces a new additional vocational competence entitled “Maintaining an agricultural enterprise in the organic farming system”.

The regulation is available at the Ministry of Education and Science’s website.