Written by Kasia Pająk

Cedefop published two new documents on the state of implementing qualifications frameworks in European countries.

The first is the "Overview of national qualifications framework developments in Europe 2019". This brochure contains a straightforward summary of the most important information concerning national qualifications frameworks in 39 European countries, including the scope of the framework, number and description of levels, and legal basis for each framework. The structure of the brochure makes it easier to compare frameworks operating in different European countries.

The brochure is available at the Cedefop website.

The second publication - "Global inventory of regional and national quali­fications frameworks 2019" is an update of the first volume of the 2017 study. It contains cross-sectional information on qualifications frameworks across the world, information on the importance of the frameworks and associated challenges. The publication is the result of the joint work of Cedefop, The European Training Foundation, UNESCO and the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning.

The publication is available at the Cedefop website.