CEDEFOP has published the European Skills Index 2022 (ESI). ESI is one of the tools for monitoring changes in the area of ​​shaping and activating skills. It allows comparisons of skill systems between countries. In the 2022 edition, the Polish skills system took 10th place among the EU countries.

The index covers the areas of skills development, skills activation and skills matching. It is based on a variety of data, such as the Labor Force Survey (LFS) and the OECD PISA tests. The indicator shows how much is missing from a given skill system to an ideal state. The higher the score, the closer to the ideal. It uses a 0-100 scale, where the benchmark score of 100 is set at the level of the best performance of any EU-28 country over the seven-year period, based on criteria related to specific indicators. The difference between a given score and 100 shows the magnitude of the potential improvement.

The skills system in Poland was rated at 60.5 points, taking 10th place on the list of EU countries. This means that it is 39.5 points short of the reference state. In the previous edition, with 66 points, Poland took 11th position. The Czech Republic was again highest in the ranking (70), and Italy was the lowest (15.1). In the main subcategories, Poland's scores are as follows: Skills Development - 51.4 points, Skills Activation - 53.4 points, and Skills Matching- 73.2 points.

More about ESI on the CEDEFOP and European Skills Index websites