Written by Kasia Pająk

Forecasts on the skills needs for individual European Union countries, including Poland, were published on the Cedefop website. The forecast is for the period of 2016-2030.

In the latest study, it is estimated that employment in Poland will increase by 2% in the indicated period. This finding is below the estimated average for the European Union (6%). At the same time, the population of working age people will decrease. The construction industry in Poland is among the fastest-growing sectors, and its employees will also be the most sought after on the Polish labour market.

Most new jobs will be created for specialists. The demand for civil service, services sector and sales workers will fall, but the labour demand due to the retirement of current staff should be taken into account. The skills of the workforce will continue to grow - in 2030, up to 60% of the labour force will have a high level of qualifications, whereas the number of people with low and medium level qualifications will decrease.

The skills forecasts prepared by Cedefop analyse future trends in ​​employment by sector of economic activity and occupational group. The methodology of these studies allows cross-country comparisons to be made.

The full report is available from the Cedefop website.