Written by Kasia Pająk

Council of Ministers on January 25, 2019, adopted a resolution approving the general part of the Integrated Skill Strategy. The Ministry of National Education was responsible for preparing the proposed strategy.

The aims of developing the strategy include:

  • promoting a more coherent policy to shape and develop skills
  • coordinating stakeholders activities related to skills development,
  • ensuring equal access to information about the supply and demand for skills, career counselling and training offers relating to the formation and development of skills
  • improving awareness of the importance of skills for achieving individual, economic and social benefits,
  • increasing educational and professional activities among all social groups, especially those at risk of exclusion.

The Integrated Skills Strategy is a document addressing general education, vocational education, higher education and adult learning.  The ISS was based on expert diagnoses and the results of national and international studies. The Strategy was developed in the cooperation with Educational Research Institute.

The Integrated Skills Strategy is to integrate national strategic documents, including the Strategy for Responsible Development and others. It will be further developed, among others, in cooperation with the OECD.

The proposed Integrated Skills Strategy is available at the Ministry of National Education’s website