The most recent issue of the quarterly Education focuses on vocational education. The articles on VET include Iga Magda’s analysis of the qualifications upgrading among adults with basic vocational education reported in the Determinants of Educational Decisions study (2013 and 2014) carried out by the Institute of Educational Research.

The article by Jędrzej Stasiowski, Magdalena Kłobuszewska and Elżbieta Drogosz-Zabłocka focus on the diversity of public vocational education spending in Poland.  Using data from the Educational Information System (2012), the authors analysed the current expenditure per pupil of technical upper secondary and basic vocational schools.

In their article „Labour market perspective on the quality of vocational education in Poland”, Maciej Lis and Agata Miazga analysed the situation of vocational school graduates over the last 20 years in comparison to the situation of graduates of different types of school types and against the backdrop of the international situation. The authors used the Labour Force Survey and the Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competences to present how the situation  of vocational school graduates has evolved in terms of their number, employment, wages and skills.

The educational and vocational plans of upper secondary school graduates and the relationship between their plans and identity development are analysed by Anna I. Brzezińska and Małgorzata Rękosiewicz. Their article presents the outcomes of a study of upper secondary school pupils in their last year of school, conducted in the first semester of 2014/2015.

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