The video by Łukasz Bełczowski, Karolina Mruk, Jakub Sajda, and Aleksandra Dulny from the Gen. W. Anders Vocational Upper Secondary School in Opatów was awarded the Prix Du Jury of the  #CedefopPhotoAward. Congratulations!

80 teams of VET students from 13 countries took part in the sixth edition of the photo contest organised by Cedefop. The participants’ were asked to present a story about a memorable VET experience involving green or digital skills.

The Polish winners in the video category told the story of two worlds, which, apart from the same school address, had nothing in common – the world of IT and the world of a stylist. Participation in creative photography and computer graphics classes helped the students find a common language and discover the creativity and desire to express themselves that unites them. The awarded film ”NewAge School” will be part of the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, and its filmmakers will have the opportunity to tell their story in person at the event.

The winners in the photostory category are Raquel Herrero, Gonzalo Rios, Teresa Hernandez and Ana Arjona from Spain with a work entitled „ClimateMakeUp” as well as Maria Diamantopoulou, Paraskevi Galani, Theodora Konstantopoulou, and Paraskevi Stavropoulou from Greece with the „Cyclades. The authors of the winning photostories will present their works during the European Vocational Skills Week in Brussels.

More information about the #CedefopPhotoAward is available at Cedefop’s webpage.