The contest organised by the Centre for Education Development is open to all schools providing vocational education and training, both public and non-public.

The contest aims to promote schools and employers who achieve high quality and effectiveness in vocational education and training.

The subject of the contest is presentation by the school examples of good practices in the field of cooperation with employers. "Good practice" should be understood as a projects that have been implemented into the school's activity, constituting practical solutions to specific problems and bringing specific, positive results. Descriptions of good practices should be characterized by innovation, timeliness and efficiency. Descriptions of good practices should focus on key issues, such as: improving the effectiveness of education, responding to the needs of the labor market, forward planning for the development of the school.

Contestants can enter the competition by completing and sending the application form by July 26, 2020. Each school can submit more than one application, provided that each refers to a different professional field.

More information and contest rules are available at the Centre for Education Development’s website.