Cedefop invited experts from CareersNet network to provide an initial assessment of how the coronavirus health emergency has affected the delivery of career and lifelong guidance in their country or region. The aim was to capture their impressions, using selected and provisional information and data within their reach.

Guidance experts are describing this time as the great leap to online learning and guidance delivery, with digital technologies and the role of ICT in lifelong guidance a common focus. The themes of report include:

  • present and future modes of service delivery,
  • barriers in accessing online support and multi-channelled delivery for all,
  • teaching and careers learning/guidance education in school-based programmes,
  • labour market information,
  • need for widespread and universal upskilling and training (for practitioners, learners, beneficiaries, caregivers, jobseekers and employees, etc.),
  • outreach strategies, especially in the case of vulnerable groups,
  • information and guidelines relating to the use of digital technology,
  • IT security, personal data protection and ethical themes.

Support services will also be critical in providing information and guidance on upskilling and reskilling pathways for adult learners and early leavers from education and training who urgently need access to these opportunities, and who may also need moral support in the face of the coronavirus crisis.

The full report is avalible at: https://www.cedefop.europa.eu/files/2020_04_28_llg_and_pandemic_cnet_b.pdf