A new publication, "Integrated Qualification System - a new look at the role of career counselling. Recommendations on the role of career counselling in the context of supporting policies for lifelong learning, including the resources of IQS." was released in April 2020. The publication presents activities that can be undertaken in the area of ​​vocational counselling in order to increase the use of the mechanisms offered by the IQS. The recommendations were developed by a team of experts from the Educational Research Institute.

The recommendations are based on an analysis of existing data, research reports, expert opinions, analysis of vocational counseling systems abroad and a review of the literature. Consultations were also held with employees, labour market institutions and vocational counsellors working in education.

The most important recommendations include:

  • promoting the importance of lifelong learning and supporting career counsellors in implementing the LLL idea among those who benefit from counselling,
  • establishing LLL information centres within existing structures working in the areas of education or vocational guidance,
  • developing solutions enabling candidates to obtain counselling support when preparing for the verification of their learning outcomes in validation and when validation has not been successful or only part of their learning outcomes were confirmed,
  • promoting the use of the skills audit method when providing career counselling by disseminating knowledge, educating staff and eliminating organisational and formal barriers as well as mobilising employers.

The publication focuses on the issues of vocational counselling, because in an era of the growing importance of non-formal education, informal learning, and the development of a knowledge-based economy, the role of people providing assistance in developing educational paths, becoming employed and career planning is gaining importance. With the development of the IQS, career counsellors have gained many new tools for working with clients, as well as a rich source of information on the opportunities to  obtain qualifications.

The publication (only in Polish) is available on the IQS website.