Written by Kasia Pająk

We invite you to watch a short film about the challenges relating to the dynamically changing reality facing vocational education and training. The film was prepared by CEDEFOP.

In the film, you will hear the views of vocational school students from several EU countries, teachers, parents, but also European policy-makers, representatives of non-governmental and international organisations involved in vocational education.

Changes in the vocational education system seem to be inevitable. We are standing at the threshold of another industrial revolution connected with the development of new technologies and digitization, affecting all aspects of social life. Vocational education must keep up with these changes, but the picture of what VET is or should be today should also change - it is not only training or apprenticeship, but above all, improving qualifications and preparing for continuous learning in the profession.

This film is the next item in a series of materials prepared by CEDEFOP, which supports the development of European policy in the field of vocational education and training.

Link to the film