September 2018 marks the start of the UniVet project (University or Vocational Education and Training), funded by the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships Programme.

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Cedefop has just published a report entitled "Guidance and outreach for inactive and unemployed - Poland" prepared within the ReferNet project.

The report presents the activities conducted to reach vulnerable groups affected by unemployment and inactivity, in particular young adults not in employment, education or training (NEET) and adults experiencing long-term unemployment (LTU). Two examples of outreach practices were chosen for an in-depth presentation: the activities of the Voluntary Labour Corps and the development of social cooperatives.


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This research paper was prepared as a part of the CEDEFOP project The changing nature and role of VET (2016-18), as the third publication in a series. It presents the changes in European VET systems during the past two decades in a wide socio-economic context.

The research paper is accompanied by case studies of changes in the VET systems of 10 countries, including the case of the Polish VET system.

Research paper and case studies:

Case study focusing on Poland: